Help Diagnosing LDAP issue through Mediawiki

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Help Diagnosing LDAP issue through Mediawiki

Postby jase700 » 06. January 2016 00:23

I'm trying to diagnose why Mediawiki (through Bitnami) build is not able to authenticate to Active Directory.

I believe my configuration settings are correct. I'm entering a password an immediately getting a "incorrect password" response.

I'm trying to answer these two questions so I can continue to diagnose.
1. How do I tell if the LDAP server requires SSL?
2. How do I tell if my Dev server has the correct certificate?
3. Is there any way to debug what I'm seeing to get deeper into the error. Apache and PHP logs show nothing.
4. Is there a guide for installing SSL on XAMPP for Windows Server 2012 R2

I'm on Windows Server 2012 R2

Thanks in advance
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