Weird Win10 behaviour execute setup_xampp.bat

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Weird Win10 behaviour execute setup_xampp.bat

Postby klipper » 04. January 2016 01:59

Today I tried to install the new Xampp 7.0.1 on my Win 10 box. I always install Xampp using the .zipfile version.
I've installed a lot of Xampp versions before. In previous Windows versions, I always just doubleclicked the 'setup_xampp.bat' in the xampp directory in Windows Explorer, or right-clicked the file choosing execute as administrator for installing xampp.

But doing this in Windows 10 I got all the time an error. The batch file could not find php/php.exe. I've searched the whole evening for the solution.

Finally I found it by opening a cmd window, changed directory to C:\xampp and executed the setup_xampp.bat from the cli. Now the installation finished successfully.

So this is very weird: executing the same file from windows explorer failed, but from the cli succeeded. Looks like regression of Windows10. It took me several hours to find out. Hopefully this tip can help someone else.
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