Happy New Year and Thank you AF!

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Happy New Year and Thank you AF!

Postby metro82 » 31. December 2015 18:16

Just wanted to quickly take this time out to wish everyone at AF a very happy, healthy, and prosperous 2016!

I also want to send a big time thank you to the entire AF team! I have been reluctant to register a username on this forum for the longest time but I figured today being New Year's Eve. was the perfect time to come out of lurking mode...

I have been reading up this board for a long while now and have seen quite a bit of folks posting issues with AF, but I just wanted to let you all know that I have been test running each of your newest platform releases over these past few months and have never (not even once!) experienced one issue with the platform :)

Each release has always been rock solid for me here, and I have never experienced any problems with the download/install/etc ... even this latest 7.0.0 release recently :)

Thank you to the entire AF team for this incredibly amazing, not to mention incredibly easy to install/run platform for us! I can't say it enough man, but you guys deserve some big time kudos for all that you guys do over here for us ... Keep up the great work!!

Happy New Year 2016!
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Re: Happy New Year and Thank you AF!

Postby Altrea » 31. December 2015 23:51

Hi metro82,

Thank you very much and a happy new year 8)
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