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difference EXE installer and ZIP package

PostPosted: 02. September 2004 11:09
by fretus
Hello good people,

If I want to d/l xampp 1.4.6 for windows (basic package)
I need to choose between :


and these range from 17MB to 40MB in size. So, I conclude that these cannot possible have the same contents. So it leaves me unsure which to choose!

Are these 3 versions the same? If not, what is the difference?


PostPosted: 02. September 2004 20:06
by Golyc
The installar do all alone ... the zip and the exe are booth equal ... but the exe run don´t run in some programs (at least last time i see)]

I use and it run they booth ...

The exe don´t need any thirdy party programs !