Apache Proxy Pass & Content changes

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Apache Proxy Pass & Content changes

Postby ThunderClap » 20. December 2015 12:09

Hi Everyone,
Need help with a XAMP setup ... please read on

I was just out experimenting with Proxy Pass, this is a XAMPP 5.6.3 installation. I noticed that once we setup the proxy pass for certain apps (deployed on the same EC2 instance), any changes made to the php pages don't reflect immediately. Restarts etc. don't help. I tried commenting out the cache modules & explicitly disabling cache via the CacheDisable / directive.

The problem still persists in incognito mode on chrome, so I doubt it's a local issue. Also interestingly, the problem does not occur in our local testing.

Any clues? something I might have missed? Would be grateful for any help.

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