Others Can't Connect to Server

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Others Can't Connect to Server

Postby Scott013 » 01. September 2004 22:49

Well, I set up XAMPP awhile ago, and it seems no one can connect to it, other than me. I can connect to it through localhost,, my public IP address and osng.homelinux.com:8080 (I have the server listening on port 8080, I think my ISP blocks 80.) When people try to connect the page just stays blank, although it says it's loading.

So, I'm not really sure what to do, and don't know much else than that.


PS. Try to connect to http://osng.homelinux.com:8080 and tell me if it works for you.
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Postby tHarry » 02. September 2004 11:47

i had that problem myself too.
i just took otherports like 2600, 2500...
that solves the problem. most isp's blocks just the standart ports used by internet. some even blocks all, but everything funcs when you surf the internet.

i just have apache listening to 2600. ftp 2500, mailserver 2700....
even i changed windows its remote desktop on a otherport...

greetz, harry

PS: i couldn't connect to the given link.
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