Not knowing

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Not knowing

Postby centurian27 » 05. December 2015 15:57

This isn't a question as such, more of a rant. On Thursday I set up Xampp & wordpress on my desktop machine (Windows 7 64bit) and all went well. Had a look round Wordpress Dashboard and left quite satisfied. Came back yesterday afternoon and couldn't get localhost to connect to server. I went back to YouTube and watched another bunch of video's supposedly telling me how to correct the fault, but not one told me I had to switch the thing (Xampp controll Board) on before I tried to start Firefox to connect to the localhost.

If I was a young lad (I'm 70) that would be one of the first things I would have looked at. I was under the impression that once you set up Xampp it would automatically connect to Firefox once you turned on the browser.

I saw that being discussed in one of the first posts I look at after I registered here. But now I'm here I can't really see a problem at not getting it right.

Live and Learn.

(Centurian27 . :roll:
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Re: Not knowing

Postby zakariae » 05. December 2015 22:25

Hi Michael,

I strangely in the same situation as you, did you find a solution for this problem ?

Best regards,

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