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Apache and MySQL Errors in Win98...

PostPosted: 01. September 2004 13:37
by mausmani
I downloaded the "BASIC PACKAGE ApacheFriends XAMPP for Windows in version 1.4.6" Installer. And I just installed the server on a Windows 98 with dial-up modem.

But, when I try to start apache (apache_start.bat), I get this error:
[crit] (OS10038) Socket operation on non-socket: make_sock: for address, apr_socket_opt_set: (SO_KEEPALIVE)
no listening sockets available, shutting down
Unable to open logs

And, when I try to start MySQL Server, I get this error:
Can't start server: Bind on TCP/IP: No error

I hope you can solve my problems. And thank you in advance!!!

PostPosted: 02. September 2004 20:14
by Golyc
I sse some guis saint that it was a protection of the system or of a firewall

NOTE: win98 donĀ“t run services ... you have to start manualy every time you rebot the pc ...