need help w/filezilla

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need help w/filezilla

Postby 12strings » 20. November 2015 00:18

I need to upload PHP files from localhost site to Ipage site. I've built sites for years w/other hosts but I've never used FTP, never Filezilla. I've uploaded HTML files using Ipage FileManager but not possible for images or PHP. Help ??
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Re: need help w/filezilla

Postby Altrea » 20. November 2015 00:36

First you need an FTP client (FileZilla Client for example - not the FileZilla Server).
You can connect with Host, Username and Password given to you from the Webspace provider.
After that you can upload, download, etc files from your local system to that server.

Simply try it out, it is not rocket science :lol:
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