How to Switch MariaDB to Mysql??

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How to Switch MariaDB to Mysql??

Postby antonely93 » 18. November 2015 14:20


I want to use the latest version 5.6.14 but it comes with MariaDB so some of my CRM can't install because MariaDB is not compatible with them!
i had this error: 10.1.8 -> MySQL version is not supported, kindly connect to MySQL 5.1.x or above .
So please is there any way to switch or to return on Mysql DB instead of MariaDB? Or must i use an older version of XAMPP :? :?

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Re: How to Switch MariaDB to Mysql??

Postby Altrea » 18. November 2015 17:08

Use an older XAMPP Version (one that is release earlier than 19th October 2015).
If your application requires MySQL 5.1+ than it maybe is also not able to run with PHP 5.6+
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