ERROR max_input_vars_configuration more than 1000 fields...

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ERROR max_input_vars_configuration more than 1000 fields...

Postby alehunter » 02. November 2015 01:29

Warning a form on ths page has more than 1000 field. On submission some of the fields migh be ignored, due to PHP's max_input_vars_configuration

I have set up a database with 3 tables to install some values taken from sensors.
1st has 5 fields(names)
2nd has 2 fields(SI, system of units)
3rd has the values taken from the sensors and with foreign keys it allocates each value with the name of the sensor(table1) and from it, it's units(table2).

After putting some values manually(via the command insert), 490 ids with 4 fields each(int, float, int, daytime(3) ) i get an error message. I have searched online a bit and i have concluded that there is a danger of loosing data in the future.
I have tried changing php_value max_input_vars to some other number like 3000 or so but still there is the same error. I dont want just to put a random number, i want to put the largest one possible so as to be safe. Finally, if i havent understood something please tell me as analytically as you can, I am a newbie and unfortunately i get a bit confused :)
The site which i followed it's instructions but havent helped much:

Thank you in regards for your time and answer(s) my friends :)
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