Can't get phpunit working...

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Can't get phpunit working...

Postby karlkras » 28. October 2015 00:52

(xampp v5.6.14, Windows 10)
Trying to get phpunit configured properly out of xampp, but no such luck.
Attempts at integrating with Netbeans has been an exercise in futility...
Are there instructions on how to configure and run phpunit within the xampp ecosystem to ensure that it's functioning properly natively (without Netbeans in the mix)?
I see the libraries were installed, but not sure if further configuration is needed to get it functioning properly.

thanks for any help.
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Re: Can't get phpunit working...

Postby Nobbie » 28. October 2015 13:25

Phpunit does not require a webserver, even not Xampp.

You simply need a PHP installation (you might take the Xampp PHP installation, but it may be easier to take any PHP release from and you have to follow the basic installation routine for phpunit:

As you can see, there is no relationship to Xampp or Apache or so.
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