[SOLVED] After install NO C:/XAMPP folder or GUI Console

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[SOLVED] After install NO C:/XAMPP folder or GUI Console

Postby lastevns » 20. October 2015 23:17

So here is the solution to the below problem: NEVER USE COMODO! Even though I turned off COMODO before every install, it was highjacking not just this install but my GIT install and others in some folder it created called VTRoot. I actually found a gamer who had a similar issue with installing a game. He had the solution. As a Buddhist I am ashamed of how angry I am at this situation. I spent a week thinking I was an idiot and couldn't install the simplest thing. ARGH!

Of course now I need to know: what firewall and antivirus can safely run with XAMPP?

After I install XAMPP (while accepting ALL default settings and C:/XAMPP as the location), I get a message saying install has completed and asking me if I want to open the control panel/console. I choose yes. I even test the
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and get an affirmation page telling me XAMPP is installed correctly. However, I get NO indication that XAMPP is actually installed elsewhere. I get no XAMPP folder on my C drive. I get no XAMPP application in my programs folder (thus no automatic way to uninstall). I get no start menu icons showing XAMPP is installed and XAMPP shows up nowhere in my list of applications. Yet I have the control panel/console open and I can see XAMPP running Apache and MySQL.

I search for XAMPP and find the actual folder is under VTRoot/HarddiskVolume4. This is the only place it exists and this does not give me any indication the program is installed. I chose C:/XAMPP as my location (or accepted that as the default location). Yet it isn't there. So, when I shut down my computer, my only choice to access XAMPP again is to delete XAMPP under VTRoot/HarddiskVolume4 and reinstall (and I will have to do this each time).

Can anyone help me figure out a solution to this problem, please?
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