Changing the LocalHost Name

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Changing the LocalHost Name

Postby soundar » 16. October 2015 07:47

Hi im Using Xampp In win 7...after completeing my hosting that it successfully working .. :arrow: http://localhost/vpss/'s my host address...
i want to change this as :arrow: what i should do change this me :idea:
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Re: Changing the LocalHost Name

Postby Nobbie » 16. October 2015 10:41

Edit the Windows Hosts File and insert one line:

Code: Select all

If you dont know, what the Hosts File is and where you can find it, see Wikipedia:
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Re: Changing the LocalHost Name

Postby Alex R4 » 17. October 2015 04:41

soundar what i should do change this me :idea:

I assume you want to broadcast your website on on the internet.
Xampp can not do that for you. It is a local testing environment.

What you need in this case is a service provider who is hosting your web pages for you. You have to register the domain name with your service provider.
I just had a quick look, the domain name "" is available, but some shark wants more money for it.

Best of luck.
Alex R4
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