Desperately need help with Xampp in win 10

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Desperately need help with Xampp in win 10

Postby Pragmatic84 » 29. September 2015 14:53

Hello all

First off I apologise in advance, I have no doubt that I will be berated to no end for my ineptitude with this program but hey, we all gotta start somewhere right? :)

I've reinstalled XAMPP to try and finally figure out where I've been going wrong and I feel like im bashing my head against the wall with this so I have finally admitted defeat and come crawling for help.

Here is what I have done so far :

1. Unistall XAMPP and delete all associated files (as far as I know)
2. Reinstall to C:/xampp
3. Open control panel, open httpd.conf and change my DocumentRoot to my websites directory

this is where the fun began.
First I was told that Apache couldn't start because the port it was trying to use was already taken (port 80) so I changed it to 81, opened httpd.conf again and changed the port here as well :

Listen 81

All seemed well and I started up Apache and MySQL with no problems, I then opened my browser, typed in "localhost" and nothing happened. I navigated to the index file of my most recent project and nothing happened.

At this stage I figured that I'd messed around with the config files too much and decided to start again. I copied this text from github to have a fresh, default httpd.conf file in the hope that I could start from scratch without any issues.

I was evidently mistaken....

So now I'm at the point where I have no clue what I'm doing (I didn't really have a clue to begin with) and I think I've messed this up even more than when I started.

Please can someone help me sort this mess out, the amount of time I'm wasting uploading every change to my web server just to see how it looks is ridiculous.

Thank You
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Re: Desperately need help with Xampp in win 10

Postby Altrea » 30. September 2015 20:10


if you are at a dead end and don't know what to do start over.
Uninstall and reinstall again to get to a known environment without any screwed up configs.

After that analyse the problem(s) you get. If a needed port is still occupied, analyse if the process capturing it can get configured not to do so (Skype for example can get configured to not use ports 80mand 443).
Changing the default ports is not recommend for several reasons. But if you no matter what choose to change the ports, do it correctly and imagine what else changes by this change.

At the end all answeres are already given in this thread:
[FGA] Apache won't start

best wishes,
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