MySQL service does not start on xamp

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MySQL service does not start on xamp

Postby yemap » 23. September 2015 01:50

I installed xampp a few years ago to see what the interface looked like. Now I have decided to learn how I can use xampp for web development. This time around I installed xampp on my C:/. The other version I installed a few years ago was in different folder and before I installed the new one I removed the older version first. After the installation I am able to start the other services except for MySQL. When xampp start I get an error message implying that MySQL is still looking for its executable file in the older directory where I installed it in the first place. I deleted the folders from the older directory and made sure the older version is uninstalled but still MySQL is looking for the .exe there. I went inside my computer's registry to clear that older folder. Now the error message is gone but the path to the .exe for my new install of xampp is empty. I have tried to manually enter the new path to no avail. It just seems weird. What can I do to force MySQL to point to its new .exe. The other services are running but MySQL is the one having that problem.

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Re: MySQL service does not start on xamp

Postby melius2 » 25. September 2015 22:19

Which OS are you using?

You can try uninstalling Xampp using Revo Uninstaller, Your Uninstaller! or something similar and reinstall again the latest version in order to have a new clean installation.
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