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PEAR not working in latest release?

PostPosted: 26. August 2004 15:57
by Big P
Just decided to try out AF and so far so good. That wa suntil I tried to do include the PEAR extension. ie.

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I got the following error:
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Fatal error: Class 'PEAR_Error' not found in C:\xampp\php\pear\DB.php on line 728

I checked out DB.php and that line is extending the PEAR_Error from PEAR.php (which is included)... Therefore I'm not sure whats the problem, hopefully someone here can help me?

PostPosted: 26. August 2004 22:04
by Golyc
go to the xampp/php/ and execute the pear.bat or pearinstall.bat (donĀ“t remenber !)