XAMPP-portable ( WP install hang at step 2 )

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XAMPP-portable ( WP install hang at step 2 )

Postby jetpache » 24. August 2015 14:33

Alright, I tried everything...

I used xampp-portable 1.8.3 since for ever i mean years, never had a problem so one day(since i changed my win7-ent32 to my win7-ult64) the wordpress instalation on xampp started jamming at setp2.... Timeout!!!

- max_execution_time to over 2.5min before the install file of WP get processed FIX PROBLEM
- "optimize" in device manager NO CHANGE
- Change Bios, remove legacy NO CHANGE
- Check drivers NO CHANGE
- DiskDrive Lexar 8gb Transfer rate 25/10mb/s

Obviously my goal is to eliminate the enormous 2min30sec of time of execution needed by the wordpress installation to something more like 30-90 sec.....

And i know this is now most likely outsite of apache and perhaps related to win7 64bits, i am just desperate at this point.

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