Newbies here, help...

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Newbies here, help...

Postby paca » 23. August 2015 14:09

I keep getting this notification on my XMPP control panel,
7:54:48 PM [Apache] Problem detected!
7:54:48 PM [Apache] Port 80 in use by "Unable to open process" with PID 4!
7:54:48 PM [Apache] Apache WILL NOT start without the configured ports free!
7:54:48 PM [Apache] You need to uninstall/disable/reconfigure the blocking application
7:54:48 PM [Apache] or reconfigure Apache and the Control Panel to listen on a different port

Help please... :roll: :roll: :roll:
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Re: Newbies here, help...

Postby Altrea » 23. August 2015 14:13

We don't provide any support via personal channels like PM, email, Skype, TeamViewer!

It's like porn for programmers 8)
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