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PM Blues

Postby typomaniac » 19. August 2015 06:41

I'm trying to install a module to no avail--I have searched till the thread in my t-shirt wore out with no results. I tried the "run ppm" gig to no avail I used the system dos prompt and it says ppm is not reckognized. The ppm folder is emply. When I try to use the prompt named perl or perl 5 10 1 (under perl/bin)it just goes to the next line when I enter and nothing appears. I tried to use the wperl prompt and it don't even open. I think I'm approaching wits end on this one. I can follow directions but have found no instruction anywhere on this one. If it makes any difference the module is Date-Calc 6.4 I really need the module but can't get it in and working. Any help, ideas, anything, would help. Thanks for your time. ~Dave
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