Problem with UTF-8 encoding with Xampp

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Problem with UTF-8 encoding with Xampp

Postby SomoKRoceS » 12. August 2015 05:51


I am very frustrated... I just can't understand how to fix the problem.
I have few pages in my website... some of them uses html and php together. and some of them uses php only (like classes for example).
In order to encode to UTF-8 in HTML i use meta tag, and in order to encode to UTF-8 in php i use the header.
However, the HTML encoding works, while pages that are written in PHP only do not recognize the encoding (using header).
I am also sure the problem isn't in Database.
So when i am using the PHP Class file, all i can see are question marks instead of UTF-8 characters.
Well, I tried to upload the same page to an online server (free) and the page works.
Which leads me to the point that maybe there is something i should to in Xampp (or Apache) to make localhost recognize UTF-8 in PHP pages.
(I tried to change configuration files and add things like: "AddDefaultCharset UTF-8", "AddCharset WINDOWS-1255 .cp-1255 .win-1255", "default_charset = "UTF-8"", etc... and still i did not got the result i wanted).

Please help me this is argent.

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