Qute error log checkings

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Should this script come installed in future XAMPP distributions?

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Qute error log checkings

Postby chanio » 26. August 2004 08:00

:lol: Hi,
well I live with the errors. I need to study them to know what is going wrong.

Here http://www.psychogenic.com/en/products/Errorlog.php is a nice CGI perl script that does it great!

You need to have Perl running, and something like the tail LINUX command. If you don't have such a DOS command you should install the PPT module from CPAN or just calling Perl/bin/ppm at your DOS or CMD prompt.

The script always shows your last error.log lines. But you can keep on browsing the previous ones just by clicking some links.
To have the script working, you should install it in a folder at your /cgi-bin/ folser (say errorlog/) .
Then, when you call that cgi script...
http://localhost/cgi-bin/errorlog/errorlog.cgi you are going to see the errors well formated and in different lines.

You should change some settings in the script. See the comments at it, but in general...
* you should change the first line (SheBang) with your D:\xampp\perl\bin\perl.exe -w real perl address.
* Also, change the address of your error.log file. See that it should be something like: D:\xampp\apache\logs\error.log . (don't change the ' for ")
* Next, change the place where this script will reside: (as you should call it) /cgi-bin/errorlog/errorlog.cgi (for example).

This cgi script should come in the future distribution. It is very useful, don't you think?
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Postby Kristian Marcroft » 26. August 2004 08:10


I do not think you have the rights to decide what will be in the next XAMPP Version. You might make an Addon out of it if you think someboby needs it.
But IMOH we don't need anything like this. The next will want some Forum already in XAPP and the next an OnlineShop aso. There will be no Scripts implemented in XAMPP!

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Sorry, I think it is needed, but I use a conditional

Postby chanio » 29. September 2004 19:34

Sorry, I think it is needed, but I use a conditional: 'should' and not an imperative 'shall'. Anyway, it is not my mothertongue (I speak in Spanish). It is written: IMHO.
When you want to write good scripts you need to see what is happening with certain things that do not work. How can you manage?
Becoming the best friend of the web-master?
That is where error logs come to life.
Please, take a look at the place that I mentioned and you'll understand that it is very useful.
It also has some way of using it with PHP.
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