PHP not parsing - Call to undefined function

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PHP not parsing - Call to undefined function

Postby conexor » 07. August 2015 03:53

I have a PHP script with the functions defined at the end but PHP does not seem to be parsing the file and finding those functions.
I get Call to undefined function...
PHP version is 5.6.8
XAMP version is also 5.6.8
Running on win 8.0

In more detail:
//main script
myfunction(param1, param2, etc); <-- This does not work. It used to
more bla

//---- Functions
function myfunction(param1, param2, etc)


Any ideas?

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Re: PHP not parsing - Call to undefined function

Postby JJ_Tagy » 07. August 2015 03:59

conexor wrote:<PHP

What is this? And the bla bla is probably not parsed. If that is not the real code, you will need to post it in order for anyone to help.
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