XAMPP Installer Error

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XAMPP Installer Error

Postby Haldrie » 31. July 2015 21:11

Every time I try to download and run the Windows installer for XAMPP I get an Error in Installer windows which says "Installer payload initialization failed. This is likely due to an incomplete or corrupted downloaded file." except I downloaded the file multiple times and got the same hash which matches the one on the site that I found from one of the alternative download pages. The currently file I have is xampp-win32-5.6.11-0-VC11-installer.exe with a size of 114,074,080 bytes and a MD5 checksum of b34a2a925d191cf6f6e12af005d15de8. If someone can please help me to get this to work I would be very grateful as all the forum posts and such I've found with google searches keeps telling me to redownload the file which I have done over and over again with the same result. I had this issue before with an older version and just gave up and got the portable version instead but I really want to get the installer to work. I'm running Windows 7 64bit by the way.
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Re: XAMPP Installer Error

Postby Nobbie » 01. August 2015 12:46

On some Systems the installer fails, the reason is still unclear, in that case you can also download a ZIP package and unzip it to c:/xampp. You will find all different kind of packages here:

http://sourceforge.net/projects/xampp/f ... ows/5.6.8/
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