Newer version of Apache, PHP and/or MySQL

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Newer version of Apache, PHP and/or MySQL

Postby DeVrije » 30. July 2015 18:32

Currently I am using the XAMPP version 5.5.24 with the PHP version 5.5.24. The software 'Secunia PSI' tell me to upgrade the Apache to version, the PHP to version 5.5.27 -and - the MySQL to version 5.6.25. I wonder whether I have to wait until the XAMPP is upgraded. If yes, then: should I then replace my current XAMPP whole by the new XAMPP version?

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Re: Newer version of Apache, PHP and/or MySQL

Postby Altrea » 30. July 2015 18:38

If you really want to get your environment PSI compliant then XAMPP is not the right product for you.
XAMPP is a bundle and only supported with the included versions.
You cannot simply update any of the core components at once.

So, if you need to upgrade single components, install Apache, MySQL, PHP, etc all on their own.
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