Xampp encoding

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Xampp encoding

Postby Abikon » 27. July 2015 11:34

Hello, please tell me how to set encoding to UTF-8 generel-ci. All table comparing the set-UTF-8 genereal-ci, Page utf-8 too. I read the information about how to change the encoding settings such XAMPP but I do not have. Help pliz. I really need it
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Re: Xampp encoding

Postby Nobbie » 27. July 2015 11:49

Abikon wrote:Hello, please tell me how to set encoding to UTF-8 generel-ci.

In which tool? "Xampp" is only an abbreveation and a collection of different software tools. There is no unique "Xampp configuration", each tool has its own options and configurations. Which tool and what do you want to configure?
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Re: Xampp encoding

Postby Altrea » 27. July 2015 13:11

utf8_general_ci is a character encoding with defined sorting which can be set in mysql.
There are several places you can set this like the operations tab of your database in phpmyadmin or the column confifuration.
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