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mySQL Server Problems

PostPosted: 24. August 2004 20:12
by benheaven

My mySQL server keep shutting down the service is still running but does not stay up for even a day now. On sites that require mySQL i get can not connect to mySQL server. Im running 1.4.6 with php 4 version. Also have installed apache and mysql services. In order to restore mySQL i have to restart the service i need this sorting as i run some important sites off my server!

Thanks In Advance

PostPosted: 25. August 2004 13:13
by benheaven
i need this sorting can someone help me?

PostPosted: 25. August 2004 17:29
by Golyc
well... i don't have idea of what is that ... you can try download the .zip version and unzip only the mysql part (ignory the data directory)