xampp wordpress intranet please help

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xampp wordpress intranet please help

Postby chichaw » 02. July 2015 07:54

hello guys, Im a newbie user for xampp, Im used to install wordpress online but we need now a intranet

here is the situation now.

I have install xampp and wordpress and the site is near finished.

I can access the localhost using localhost:8080/wordpress (using port 8080 because IIS is using 80)

to access the site by the other PCs in the network we use xxx.xxx.xxx.xx:8080/wordpress

Now my inquiry is how can other PC use a custome URL to access the site from there pc.

instead of using IP:8080/wordpress, can we using like "intranetpage"

I would really appreciate your answers. thanks! :)
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Re: xampp wordpress intranet please help

Postby Altrea » 02. July 2015 11:02


You would need a Type of Domain Name Service (DNS). It you administrate a DNS Server in your Intranet you should use this, otherwise you would need to add an entry in the windows hosts file of every intranet client you want to request the custom url from.

But port 8080 still needs to be added on every request, like http://intranetpage:8080/

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