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Postby crovax123 » 23. August 2004 09:06

can anybody help me configure xampp
i cant seem to get apache working right
i want it to show my website
not the one from xampp (setup page)
how do i do that
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Postby Kristian Marcroft » 23. August 2004 09:52


copy your Pages to htdocs, start Apache and empty your browsercache.
then enter: http://localhost in your browser. Done!

So long
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Postby crovax123 » 23. August 2004 20:11

another question
can i just ad a phpbb forum in this map and does it just work..
also i cannot reach the website when i use the adres i use
it on a no-ip acount
and has the most recent ip adres
now i use it from my internal network
i dit not yet get the chance to check it from another computer
i am behind a smoothwall firewall
and i used port forwarding on port 80
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