XAMPP on Windows Server 2012 autostart

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XAMPP on Windows Server 2012 autostart

Postby Bosnjanac » 10. June 2015 11:36

Hi all,

I have Windows 2012 Server and XAMPP for local intranet. I want to make XAMPP startup when computer starts. I try to make schedule task to start Apache and MySQL start when server starts.

I use a few method but none of them give me results.

First method was to make task to run apache_start and mysql_start .bat file. After restart of server none of service isn`t started and when I try to run servise using XAMPP control i get error that ports are used.

Second method was to make task to run xampp_start but Apache and MySQL insn`t started also.

Third method was to set Apache and MySQL to run when click on xampp_control. After that I set task to run on server start but still no results.

Can you please help me with this?

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Re: XAMPP on Windows Server 2012 autostart

Postby Nobbie » 10. June 2015 12:08

Start it as a Windows Service. You have Xampp Control Panel (start it as Administrator), on the left side you have a checkbox for Apache, MySQL etc. to run it as service, check these, in the "Config" menu (button upper right corner) you can specify to start automatically on Startup.
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