How do I transition my website from local to my web host?

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How do I transition my website from local to my web host?

Postby jmk909er » 06. June 2015 15:00

Hi I am new here and have a couple questions...

I have downloaded XAMPP to my machine and have it set up. I have build several WordPress sites in the past so I am familiar with creating the website but I have never used this method of creating offline.

My concern is how do I transition it when I am done to my HostGator web host? Is there a good tutorial on this somewhere.

I have an existing website at another host and I want to point the domain to this new website when it is complete. I don't want to move the current website to my new host, I will just be moving some of the content and using a fresh new WordPress and a new theme.

That's why I want to get the new website fully designed ahead of time and transition when the time comes so there is little downtime.
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Re: How do I transition my website from local to my web host

Postby Harry Hobbes » 06. June 2015 18:02

Review this:

Here are the major tasks that you need to complete:

1. Create a new database (for the new WordPress web site) on Hostgator. This will be accomplished using the phpMyAdmin tool available through Hostgator's cPanel. Refer to URL above or the specific instructions pertinent to a WordPress database.

2. Export your localhost web site database tables (under XAMPP) for subsequent import into the database created in step 1, above. This is accomplished by starting XAMPP and using its phpMyAdmin interface to export your local WordPress database to a file that can be uploaded, and then imported by phpMyAdmin on Hostgator.

3. Transfer your WordPress web site files from your localhost (i.e., XAMPP) installation up to your Hostgator /public_HTML/[my new web site]/ folder. Again, refer to URL above for specific details. This is best accomplished using Filezilla FTP software, but may be accomplished using Hostgator's File Manager interface via cPanel.

4. The installation instructions (the URL above) provide the detail about how to edit the wp-config.php file. This has to be edited in order for the uploaded web site files to point to the imported database on Hostgator.

5. Lastly, point your domain name to the new WordPress installation on Hostgator, and run the install script.

This is the basic process. Essentially, you'll be transferring both the database and the WordPress files, but as separate manual actions. Then, you'll be connecting the files to the database. Then, running the install script.

Hope this helps,

***Edit to add:

When you are satisfied with the installation on Hostgator, go to your domain registrar and re-direct the domain name to the new Hostgator installation. This effectively points the Internet to the new Hostgator web site, and NOT the old existing site.
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Re: How do I transition my website from local to my web host

Postby ragortue » 27. September 2015 20:29

Hi JMK, were you able to do this already? I was just wondering if there were challenges that you encountered on this process.
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