Unable to import CVS to locally installed XAMPP

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Unable to import CVS to locally installed XAMPP

Postby jasonc310771 » 05. June 2015 09:59

I have installed V3.2.1 of XAMPP and have it all working ok for some time, but today I try to import a 2G csv file into an empty database and I just get a blank page in the main content area, all the menus and other information on the page is there, just the middle part of the page is blank.

I have tweaked the settings/php.ini and other files so allow up to 3G files to be processed/uploaded, but think there is something else I am forgetting.

in php.ini i have...


in my.ini i have...

max_allowed_packet = 3000M

but still the file is not importing.

What else can I try ?
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Re: Unable to import CVS to locally installed XAMPP

Postby Nobbie » 05. June 2015 10:48

jasonc310771 wrote:What else can I try ?

Dont use phpmyadmin for such huge imports, enter the corresponding SQL Command (it is shown in phpmyadmin) directly into mysql interpreter (mysql.exe). Look into the MySQL Docu for proper SQL syntax:

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