Redirect Xampp to see another IP

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Redirect Xampp to see another IP

Postby schooldude » 03. June 2015 16:54

Hello all, I am new here and to xampp. Here is my situation, I work for a public school and we have a server that has a static ip. It runs a program that is a video playout. I can load school made videos on it and it plays them continuously. The company it was purchased from says to setup a web server and have it look at the machines ip. The company also suggest using daily motion or twitch, but school budgets don't allow for that kind of thing. It has web broadcast set up in its program, it automatically sets the machine ip and port 80 as the broadcast settings. I tried to put xampp on it, when installed it shuts the playout program down. I have xampp installed on another machine but don't know how to tell it to look for the playout machines ip. I can get to the machine its on by putting the ip address in the url of any machine in the school. I also have a url that is setup for outside our domains access to this playout. I have searched for help about a week before posting here.

Thanks in advance
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Re: Redirect Xampp to see another IP

Postby mark.mcdonald » 03. June 2015 17:06

Sounds like the trouble your having is a war between your schools playout program vs xampp over port 80 (default used internet port). You can host xampp on the machine and tell it to go under a different port like :8080 under the apache config file. The only thing is that users would have to be directed to since is already used for the playout program. I would use your url to have redirect to the ip address of your machine for example

Hope this helps
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Re: Redirect Xampp to see another IP

Postby Nobbie » 04. June 2015 11:14

Its quite difficult to understand, what exactly you are going for, but as far as i understood, you are looking for something that is called a "reverse proxy". But before going any deeper, you should explain more precisely why you install Xampp (as far i understand, you can watch videos simply directly by entering the IP of the video PC?!) and how it is supposed to work together.

P.S.: What is meant by "static IP" in this context? Does your video PC have a WWW (also called WAN) IP which is assigned by a provider (and is valid world wide), or do you simply mean a static IP inside your LAN (y typical LAN IP like Are you connecting your PCs to the internet via a router (including the video PC), or in any different way?
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