PHP admin locked out

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PHP admin locked out

Postby Tigers! » 21. May 2015 12:38

Can we find out what the login details for PHPMyAdmin might be?

I have installed XAMPP and started it, apparently successfully.
When I got to it asks for login details but I have never logged in successfully before?
I was never asked as far as I can tell to enter a user name or password.

I tried root/<blank> combination without success.

A search on Google lead me to look for the file which I found and then to look for variable $cfg['Servers'][$i]['password'].
I entered the username/password combination therein with still no success.

I found this link

I have tried pretty much all the steps mentioned without success. One thing I noted that the contents of the variable $cfg['Servers'][$i]['password'] does not change even if I follow the steps mentioned using the security tab.

Are there any other solutions bat reinstalling XAMPP?
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Re: PHP admin locked out

Postby mark.mcdonald » 21. May 2015 14:29

Did you try going to http://localhost/xampp and clicking on phpmyadmin from the xampp screen?
Out of the box xampp does not set passwords for phpmyadmin. did you install phpmyadmin along with xampp (check beside it when it installed?)
Did you install anything along with xampp like joomla, drupal, etc?
Do you remember setting any passwords for anything you might have setup?
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Re: PHP admin locked out

Postby Tigers! » 24. May 2015 08:54

Dear Mark
Thank you for your reply
1. Yes. That's how I am discovering the request fro a password
2. I did install Joomla a while ago but I removed joomla, XAMPP and re-installed XAMPP by itself.
3. I have not been asked for any passwords on the way through the installation.
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Re: PHP admin locked out

Postby Nobbie » 24. May 2015 11:49

You must have changed lots of things, because:

a) "Out of the box" phpmyadmin DOES NOT ask for a password. In you will find a variable called "auth_type" and its value is "config" after a fresh install. You probably changed that to either "cookie" or "http" and thats the reason, why phpmyadmin asks for a password. In both cases ("cookie" and "http"), the values of "user" and "password" are IGNORED, instead you are asked to enter these in a dialog box.

ONLY IF "auth_type" is set to "config", phpmyadmin takes the values of "user" and "password" to login automatically to MySQL. These values are only used for phpmyadmin login, it is not the place where MySQL stores and retrieves these.

b) "Out of the box" MySQL comes with "root" and <blank> (no password) as user and password. If you enter these in the phpmyadmin login dialog and they do not work (as in your case) you MUST HAVE CHANGED these in MySQL. If you do not remember, you should google for "reset MySQL root password", there are plenty of solutions out there.
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