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XAMPP php values

Postby lunaticbit » 03. June 2015 10:55

Among the others a new problem has rised in my learning quest.
somewhere In the code there 's the statement:

echo "<input type=\"hidden\" name=\"this_value\" value=\"$l_value\">";

Changing the name e.g. from:

echo "<input type=\"hidden\" name=\"this_value\" value=\"$l_value\">";


echo "<input type=\"hidden\" name=\"new_value\" value=\"$l_value\">";

After ending session, returning back, terminate xampp, even restarting windows v.7 both 32 & 64 versions
the follwing messsage is prompting:

Notice: Undefined variable:this_value in C:\xampp\htdocs\myfolder\select_form.php on line 32

I feel like the cow who was saw the train for the first time inn her life!
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Re: passing values between .php pages

Postby mark.mcdonald » 03. June 2015 16:27

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