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php_printer 5.6.8 Working DLL

PostPosted: 18. May 2015 21:57
by pylonx
Hello, Friends and Friends of Friends.

php_printer.dll hasn't had a PECL version since 4.0.7 so I've been rebuilding the dll using a few steps I learned by asking for help here. You can see those posts Below.

The Following is specifically what I did for XAMPP with PHP 5.6.8

Working PHP_PRINTER.DLL for PHP 5.6.8 for Windows can be found here:

The guide I Heavily used in this process:

All links checked as of 2015-05-18

Step 1
Download and INSTALL Microsoft Visual Studios, a Free Version should be available.
I used Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2012 ... x?id=30678

Step 2
Download php-sdk-binary tools
I downloaded (

Step 3
Unzipped this file into the c:\php-sdk folder you may have to create.

Step 4
Open Visual Studios Command Prompt (Windows 7 Search)
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VS2012 x86 Native Tools Command Prompt

Step 5
Proceeded with the following instructions:
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cd c:\php-sdk\
bin\phpsdk_buildtree.bat phpdev

Step 6
Open the php-sdk\phpdev Copy and paste vc9 and rename it vc11

Step 7
Download the the source that matches your version of PHP
I downloaded ( which is in the Archives now

Step 8
Unzip this file into C:\php-sdk\phpdev\vc11\x86
Will look like:

Step 9
Download the dependencies
I downloaded (deps-5.6-vc11-x64.7z)

Step 10
Place Dependencies in

Step 11
Get your extension's build files. php_printer was here (
I had to change all the pval to zval int the printer.
"Open 'printer.c' and replace all instances of 'pval' with 'zval' and it should compile."
I put those files into C:\php-sdk\phpdev\vc11\x86\php-5.6.8-src\ext\printer

Step 12
Proceeded with the following code commands in the "VS2012 x86 Native Tools Command Prompt"
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cd c:\php-sdk\phpdev\vc11\x86\php-5.6.8-src
configure --enable-printer=shared

Also have used:
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c:\php-sdk\phpdev\vc11\x86\php5.5-201406241830>configure --disable-all --enable-printer=shared

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configure --disable-all --enable-printer=shared --enable-phpdbg

Step 13
Code: Select all

Step 14
Once it's down you should see a "Release_TS" folder in the C:\php-sdk\phpdev\vc11\x86\php56 folder
In that folder you should find your dll

I might stop in from time to time but won't be actively watching this post.

Re: php_printer 5.6.8 Working DLL

PostPosted: 06. December 2018 16:40
by gtorbett
Hi, I thought I was the only one with this problem.
Thanks my friend and although we are already on version 7.2 I will try to help as much as I can.
Even though I do not know about C and C ++.
However, running this extension in php 5.6 is already an achievement, congratulations for your work.

Re: php_printer 5.6.8 Working DLL

PostPosted: 18. January 2019 16:55
by pylonx
This forum is full of helpful people. Also would likely be able to help. I've not been working for the company where I used this for a while now so, I haven't been updating it. I also don't know much or anything about C++ or C. I just followed steps of others. Good luck!