Newby question: how to access "localhost" via Filezilla?

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Newby question: how to access "localhost" via Filezilla?

Postby HpApache » 01. May 2015 09:48

I have set up the security for xammp with passwords and username,
But I don't know how to access the server localhost via Filezilla.
I get the warning: ECONNREFUSED.
And on the security page of xammp I get the warning that there is no ftp server because of a firewall?!
How does this work?
PS: I have the newest filezilla and xampp
and I can access xammp and my site via my browser
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Re: Newby question: how to access "localhost" via Filezilla?

Postby mark.mcdonald » 01. May 2015 14:32

I am confused. Why are you using filezilla to modify files if you can just access them because they are on your local machine.
Filezilla is intended to remotely access your folders and files on a website that are not local to your machine. It sounds like sending text messages to yourself.. pointless.
If this is for testing then you need to be using your outside IP Address or address.
Please explain why you are trying to connect to your local machine via filezilla while on your local machine.
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