can't access xampp across secure lan

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can't access xampp across secure lan

Postby kd4fbi » 29. April 2015 02:52

To start with, I have a secured/closed LAN with a network that has 4 computers on it. There is no internet access at all. I've installed XAMPP on one of the computers - Win 7. I can, obviously, get into xampp from the win 7 computer, but not from the other computers that are on the network.
I have gone in and set it up - as far as I can figure - to work across the network, but no luck.
I'd like to be able to access the phpMyAdmin and to be able to start/stop Apache when changes are made - all without having to go to the "base" computer that xampp is installed on. This is for website development, so there's plenty else for me to do without having to futz with the xampp too :)
Can someone point me in the right direction to be able to access xampp from the entire lan??
If I create a Vhost, I'm able to access it from the network with no problem, but that's it.
I'm running xampp 1.8.2-6

thanks in advance,
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Re: can't access xampp across secure lan

Postby mark.mcdonald » 01. May 2015 14:27

In the apache->config folder there is a configuration file (httpd.conf). In here is where the website points to eg: / localhost. Not knowing what this is set to. I would set this to your networked ip address.
Another option would be to remote in to your base machine. By default xampp is not meant to be accessed from any machines except local host (security). You have to change the permissions in apache to allow other ip's to access For development reasons I would either install filezilla to manage your xampp files or else just work off of the base machine. This will be more realistic development to prepare for otherwise facing any security issues that may result.
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Re: can't access xampp across secure lan

Postby Nobbie » 01. May 2015 16:41

kd4fbi wrote:Can someone point me in the right direction to be able to access xampp from the entire lan??

Thats quite impossible due to the fact that your report totally lacks of any usefull error message. "But not luck" is simply no luck, how to enable luck? I wish you good luck, maybe it helps (not sure?!).
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