Missing database on reset?

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Missing database on reset?

Postby interloperux » 27. April 2015 09:59


I recently revisited a website I was designing last year but ran low on time to finish. I couldn't remember the password for phpMyAdmin so I poked around in my XAMPP directory and found resetroot.bat -- now I can access phpMyAdmin, but my database isn't listed. I'm presuming it's still in existence because restarting XAMPP didn't suddenly break everything. Clearly I should have googled a little harder before running some random reset script. Could anyone suggest a solution?

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Re: Missing database on reset?

Postby Altrea » 27. April 2015 10:06


I net you are not running as root but as anonymous user or accessing a wrong MySQL installation.
To prove that open phpmyadmin go to your SQL tag and type in the following command
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To prove you are running the correct MySQL use this SQL
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SHOW VARIABLES WHERE Variable_Name = "basedir"

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