Xampp Version 1.8 enable feature - bundle

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Xampp Version 1.8 enable feature - bundle

Postby iircmp » 19. April 2015 23:06

Hello, so I downloaded Xampp version 1.8 and it works great however the FileZilla and Mercury options are disabled. How can I enable them?

EDIT: These are the steps I have done.

1. Download latest server package from the FileZilla website.
2. Installed FileZilla server into xampp directory. Selected the manual set ups.
3. Edited xampp-control.ini file. Changed


4. Renamed the file names of the actual FileZila files to the exact ones that were in the xampp-control.ini file.
5. Stopped all services and existed out of Xampp Control Panel.
6. Launched Xampp Control Panel and restarted the Apache and MySQL service.
7. Start button on FileZilla service is still disabled, but Config and Logs file are now enabled. Before they were disabled.

That's about it. Need some help enabling the start button. Also, I already have the FileZilla Server.xml file. Need help figuring out how to enable the start button.
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