Import Database tables

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Import Database tables

Postby dennisp » 13. April 2015 00:10

I have had a problem with xampp and can not access either MySQL or phpMyadmin. Although I have tried many of the fixes shown in this and other forums, I still cannot resolve the issues.

I have completed a new install of Xampp and wanted to know if I can import my previous database tables into the new install. The database tables appear to be intact . I was not able to export them before I lost access to phpMyadmin. I had also changed some of the privileges prior to losing access to phpMyadmin. I have details of those changes. I.e. Username and passwords.

Is it possible to import these database tables even though they have not been exported?

I can always rebuild the files but it would be useful to recover the information if possible. I am learning to use Mysql and phpMyadmin and really want to get it correct this time. Is there any documentation that I should be reading.
Thanks in advance
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Re: Import Database tables

Postby Altrea » 13. April 2015 17:12

I would try the following:
- use the same version of xampp like the corrupted version
- copy over the \xampp\mysql\data\ folders of the databases you want to move over (only copy over your own created databases, NOT the default databases like mysql, phpmyadmin, etc)
- create the database users you need for your databases
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