Streaming Audio In Chrome 41

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Streaming Audio In Chrome 41

Postby ben1960 » 06. March 2015 20:54

My website is hosted by Netfirms. I am having a problem with the Netfirms server that never occurs with XAMPP. The problem occurs when accessing my website with Chrome 41.

I have two web pages that have two "audio" tags each. The first "audio" tag I play after loading the page usually (but not always) works correctly. The second "audio" tag I play after loading the page stops playing partway through the music file. Netfirms tech support says they can't reproduce this problem.

Here are the URLs of the two pages that have this problem in Chrome 41:

Does anybody know what is causing this problem? Can anyone in the XAMPP community reproduce this problem?
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Re: Streaming Audio In Chrome 41

Postby mark.mcdonald » 13. March 2015 16:42

Based on my understanding, this is not xampp related and does not belong in this forum but I will try to attempt to help.
Does this issue occur using IE 10/11? Firefox? Safari?
If not try downgrading to an earlier version of chrome to see if this fixes the issue. If so then this issue relies with Google.

Tried going to both sites and getting issue of:
"404 - File Not Found
Referer URL: (none)
Requested URL: /~music/11-8/
Your requested file or folder cannot be found at the specified location. If you feel that this is in error, please return to the previous page and contact its webmaster.
For more information regarding and its services, please see"

Can't duplicate the issue.
Suggest uploading a file to link to or migrating your site to a new system / host to one that uses xampp "I am having a problem with the Netfirms server that never occurs with XAMPP"
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