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Postby bk_dady » 03. February 2015 22:26

I recently migrated my website from xampp 1.4.12 to version 1.8.0

apparently the function "apache_request_headers" no longer works when php is an Apache module!

thank you for giving me a link where I can download a php version compatible with apache xampp version.

thank you
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Re: apache_request_headers

Postby gsmith » 04. February 2015 08:23

I do not see a question here really. Per the PHP docs however

5.4.0: This function became available under FastCGI. Previously, it was supported only when PHP was installed as an Apache module.

So that tells me it was and still is available when php is running as an Apache module.

5.5.7: This function became available in the CLI server.

To me that does not say it is no longer available to php running as an Apache module. I read that as "it also became available" in the CLI server, so as module, via FastCGI and now CLI.
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