Hosting not working in other network

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Hosting not working in other network

Postby karthik.0888 » 03. February 2015 10:31

I am developing a site which can accessible locally. I keep all the files in a folder in C:/XAMPP/HTDOCS. Its working fine in local browser as well in other network desktop browsers. But I can't connect out the network. I need to access it through mobile/ipad. I changed httpd.conf listening to 80. Still I am expreincing the same issue. The browser can't create the connection with the server (i.e my local machine). Please help me to solve this.
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Re: Hosting not working in other network

Postby Nobbie » 03. February 2015 13:28

Probably your Xampp Server is part of a LAN and sits behind a router?! You must configure this router to pass all requests from Port 80 (and Port 443 for https) to the Xampp Server (this is usually called "Portforwarding", see the manual of your router) and in order to reach the Xampp Server from outside netword, you must enter the external IP of the router (which is provided by the Internet Provider) in your browser (iPad etc.) and which mostly is changing every day. It depends on your internet connection.

If you have a typical connection with dynamically changing IPs (what is very common), you may use a Dynamic DNS Service to assign a Domain Name to your router, which also changes the IP concurrently. This must be supported by your router as well (many routers support some of the "big" DNS Services like or
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