Increase 2mb limit

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Increase 2mb limit

Postby stefano1121 » 02. February 2015 15:17

Hi guys . just a question . how can i increase the 2 mb limit for xammp ? thank's . the problem is that when i try to upload a new shopify template, the zip file is over 2mb and the error displayed is: this file oversize 2mb (or something like this) . i have tried to change this limit ,loooking info in many tutorials ,but it's really difficult...
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Re: Increase 2mb limit

Postby Nobbie » 02. February 2015 15:57

"Xampp" is only an abbreveation and not a software, you neither can upload something with Xampp nor you can change any settings. That may explain your difficulties to find appropriate infos.

Probably you mean a setting of PHP, which is configured by php.ini. There is an option called "max_upload_size" which is set to 2M per default. Maybe this is, what you are looking for.
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