Access remote MSSQL database using xampp php 5.5.19

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Access remote MSSQL database using xampp php 5.5.19

Postby lee.denson » 28. January 2015 18:09


Hello all,

I have had a problem trying to establish a connection to a MSSQL database I created in Microsoft SQL Server Manager 2008 R2.

In the php.ino configuration file under extensions, there is commented out a ';extension=php_mssql.dll'. I removed the comment and ran apache in the xampp control panel.
Naturally an error occurred stating ''PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library '..\ext\php_mssql.dll cannot be found'. I looked in the ext directory and sure enough it wasn't there. I added the mssql.dll file from
,but then I got an Entry Point not found error stating 'The procedure entry point php_body_write could not be located in the dll php5ts.dll'.

After further research, I discovered that mssql_connect was not working since PHP version 5.3:
I instead tried to use the 'sqlsrv_connect'' function, but I had to install the new drivers from

After reading the readme, I saw that I needed the libraries php_sqlsrv_55_ts.dll and php_pdo_sqlsrv_55_ts.dll to work with xampp's php5ts.dll in the php folder.
I added the libraries in the php\ext folder and added corresponding extensions to the new dll's and restarted Apache.

I then got an system error 'The program can't start because MCVCP110.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.' Obviously reinstalling isn't an option as I will lose my new dll's so I verified that MCVCP110.dll is in the php forlder, which it was.

Please help, I really need to find a way to load the libraries with the 'sqlsrv_connect' function properly so I can connect to a MSSQL database.
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