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Xampp 5.6.3 x32 portable MySQL doesn't start

PostPosted: 13. January 2015 23:18
by Corsari
Right now I've downloaded and run xampp 5.6.3 and mysql batch doesn't start the mysql server.

Code: Select all
2015-01-13 22:48:41 4276 [ERROR] Error message file 'd:\xampp\mysql\share\english\errmsg.sys' had only 882 error messages, but it should contain at least 885 error messages.
Check that the above file is the right version for this program!

MySQL konnte nicht gestartet werden
MySQL could not be started

neither running it a sadministrator (this is windows Vista x32)

Given the error above
according with this thread,,359003,369742#msg-369742
the 5.6.3 x32 portable could have some issues with files versions in MySQL...