xampp-control.exe for xampp 1.3?

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xampp-control.exe for xampp 1.3?

Postby gladtobegrey » 05. January 2015 10:05

For reasons connected with the very outdated live environment I have to work with at the moment, I am running xampp 1.3 (1.3 primarily for PHP 4.x.x). I also have 1.7.7.

1.3 doesn't seem to have an equivalent to xampp-control.exe. I did try copying it over from the later version but, although it says in the console it's started Apache, it hasn't really.

Is there any way of using/modifying xampp-control.exe to work with the earlier version? It's a bit of a pain having to work through command windows.

Any help appreciated. Thanks.
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