Can't figure out how to get to 'Config-Examples'

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Can't figure out how to get to 'Config-Examples'

Postby MichaelAdams47 » 27. December 2014 15:55

Hello Everyone
I am having a bit of trouble finding Config-Examples in XAMPP. Under an instructional post (on this forum -----> The writer said this:
Copy "instance_number_your choice map" and "DayZ_Epoch_instance_number_your choice map.bat" from "Config-Examples" to your main folder (where are the files are).

I cant find the Config-Examples and I cannot get through to the writer. Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in Advance
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Re: Can't figure out how to get to 'Config-Examples'

Postby gsmith » 27. December 2014 19:00

In the server files download it looks
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