How to get a PECL dll?

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How to get a PECL dll?

Postby Alex R4 » 23. December 2014 06:46


I'm using XAMPP for several years now and the product is very reliable. Very nice!
What I'm trying to do is to send and receive HTTP messages from the web server (PHP) to a secondary server.
For that, I have to load and compile the PECL HTTP extension.
And my problem starts here.
Wading through tons of documentation at the site I realise that I have to set up a complete php build environment, and then compile the pecl_http source code into this environment to finally extract the pecl_http.dll.
Is that really necessary?
Is there a way to just download the pecl_http.dll?

Any hints or suggestions are very much appreciated.

After I sent this post I found the dll at the site.
Downloaded the dll.
Added dll into /ext directory.
Modified php.ini to include

Startup XAMPP
Startup Error 1: php5.dll is missing
Startup Error 2: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic lib php_http.dll. The specified module could not be found in ***/ext
Shutdown XAMPP
Commenting out extension=php_http.dll
Startup XAMPP
All good.

What am I doing wrong?
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